How AI Is Changing the Tech Landscape and How Users Can Benefit From It

Almost everything you do online is helped along by machine learning. Artificial intelligence or AI is simply the next level of this technology that will enrich human lives in ways we are only now just beginning to explore. So far, AI’s biggest strides have been made in the tech world, but soon, its impact will benefit other realms too.

How AI Flipped the Script on the Tech Industry

At the dawn of modern computing, and for some time afterward, successful programming hinged on our ability as humans to instruct computers on what we wanted them to do. We developed programming languages as a way to communicate our needs to these machines.

Next came automation. In many ways, our motivation to pursue machine learning was fueled by a need for convenience. Computers could make our lives easier. They could help us achieve our goals in less time.

From the very start, we have had a certain destination in mind with every technological advancement. Building a program that could essentially learn new things without having a human manually input all of the information would be the pinnacle achievement of modern computing.

Where Are We Today With AI Technology?

In the last few years, we have seen a substantial jump in how AI technology is implemented in daily life. The most well-known uses that come to mind are Google searches, services like Netflix, Tesla cars, Facebook and Twitter advertising, and personal assistants like Siri and Alexa. This technology’s advanced learning capabilities has transformed our online environments. This is great news for service providers and users alike.

Since AI software is getting better and better at learning people’s browsing and spending habits, companies can now tailor the interaction that users have with their products to more accurately meet their needs. One of the best examples of this is the advertising algorithm used by platforms like Twitter and Facebook. By mining user profiles for information, these platforms can show their users ads for products they actually want or need.

For businesses and marketers, in particular, AI is streamlining the process of finding target customers and connecting with them. On the flip side, users can reap the rewards of convenience. Instead of having to go out of their way to discover new products and brands, solutions that fit their lifestyles are presented right at their fingertips.

At Spectrums, we are pretty excited about what the future holds for AI. Being able to cut through all of the noise and make direct connections is a philosophy we are passionate about. With AI comes clarity and a more efficient way of life.

How do you feel about AI? Are you excited about this revolutionary technology? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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