Look Out Netflix: Big name content creators are coming to take a swing at original content

Netflix has had a big year in original content, even if it recently admitted to being on the hook for $20 billion. That’s why it seems everybody’s getting into the original content game these days. Big money is being invested and big money is on the line. One group sure to benefit? Those of us who enjoy the sport of binge watching engaging content.

So, just who is coming for Netflix and getting in on the original content game?


After news broke that Disney was parting ways with Netflix earlier in August (watch Moana before it’s too late!), they let it slip that it’s to build their own content streaming empire. With a household name, tons of classic movies and television in the vault, and the infrastructure to build it, no one is more ready to take on the streaming giant.

It may be annoying, and an aggressive move, but chances are nobody’s going to be giving up their House of Cards in order to stream Cinderella…unless of course that household has kids of a certain age…although some might slipt the difference and sign up for both.


Another company with very deep pockets is Apple who recently announced an investment of $1 billion for original content production. Although Apple doesn’t have a dedicated video platform…yet…they’re betting big on creating 10 new shows over the coming year, and they have their sites set on Netflix, HBO and Amazon.

The catch? Although Apple is elbowing into the streaming space, they still want their cake and eat it too. Meaning: they’ll still be wanting Netflix, HBO and others to post their content onto their devices in order to benefit from that sweet, sweet monthly fee.


After inking a deal in 2016 with 21st Century Fox and Disney, we’ll see what Disney pulling out of Netflix means for Hulu (chances are they’ll be cutting ties with them as well if they’re investing in their own streaming platform).


Amazon is nailing the original content game (if anyone hasn’t seen Patriot, watch it ASAP), and, like Netflix, has shows getting prestige nominations during awards season because of its strong groundbreaking content (see: Transparent). As with everything Amazon seems to set its sights on, it’s killing the original content game.


Facebook’s video platform is taking off and Facebook Watch just might be coming for original content creators like Netflix and Hulu.  One of their first forays into series creation?  Humans of New York.  HONY gets its own series of episodes as Facebook starts to dip its toes into original content.

We’d love to hear from you! Are your Team Netflix? Or do you get your content fix other ways? Does Netflix need to watch out?  Let us know what you think.

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