Influencers on Influencing: Sage Advice Shared By Some Fantastic Canadian Personalities

In October, Spectrums launched a speakers series designed by and for online Influencers to talk about their craft, learn from others and ask the tough questions of each other, including things like “what does it mean (to be an Influencer)” and “do you let your audience dictate your content”?

We were lucky enough to get some really great speakers out to discuss their take on the landscape and had some really great perspectives.

They included:

Melissa Maker (SID 1818) “Clean My Space

Melissa Maker is a n author, entrepreneur, cleaning expert, and star of Youtube’s “Clean My Space”. She has appeared on The Today Show and Rachel Ray, was featured in InStyle, Real Simple and Better Homes and Gardens and has been a speaker at the FBI.

Dan Rodo “The Danocracy

For over 10 years, Dan has created content, receiving over 48 million views. He has also created the first ever 6 episode digital series for Bell Media (Dan For A Week) and has hosted multiple red carpets including the 2017 Juno Awards and the iHeartRadio MMVAs.

Lauren Toyota (SID 111111) (“hot for food“)

Lauren has been a MuchMusic VJ and nationally recognized TV host and producer for nearly 10 years. Currently, she is devoted to creating authentic content on her YouTube channels (“Lauren in Real Life” and “hot for food”).

Our host for the evening was online influencer and Canadian icon George Stroumboulopoulous (SID 666) George is a TV and radio broadcast vetern who continues to explore his love of music via House of Strombo (available now on Apple Music) and CBC Radio2’s The Strombo Show (stream it here.

Here are some clips from the evening:

What it means to “be an influencer” and how to curate responsibly (and what that means):

What happens when you speak your mind, and should you read your comments (and if you do, what you might get out of them!):

On learning from our Influencer’s early forays into the medium and what they quickly learned:

A) There’s a chance you may actually have to listen to your audience a bit more than you think you need to:

B) Consistency is key to gathering your following:

And how to be unique online, when there’s just so many personalities already online and jockeying for space in a crowded industry:

Look to 2018 for more events in our ongoing series with other Influencers from across North America.

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