Bring on 2018!

Let’s look back at 2017 and check out exciting things to come this year…

Starting with:

These 6 platform changes that shook 2017. The biggest? Twitter doubling its character count.

Trends that shaped 2017, according to Forbes, included the explosion of chatbots, the growing popularity of hangouts, and integrated buying opportunities on platforms.

ICYMI: we now have the list of the highest paid YouTube stars of 2017! Our homegrown heroes Lily Singh (||Superwoman||) and Evan Fong (VanossGaming) makes the list at #10 and #2 respectively.

Curious about who got paid the most on Instagram? Check it out here. Top 3 non-celebs include Huda Kattan, Cameron Dallas, and Jen Selter.

And stuff to look out for in 2018? Here’s a roundup:

These 10 social media trends that are going to dominate 2018, including the rise of AR, the reality that brands are going to be getting in on messaging platforms more and more.

Probably the biggest will be social platforms embracing stronger governance policies. With Twitter taking on Trolls (and re-evaluating what verification is) in 2017, and Facebook facing backlash for not protecting its American audiences from Russian backed misinformation campaigns during the election, platforms will see 2018 as the year they need to begin to govern a bit better and clarify codes of conduct a bit more.

Hootsuite also has a roundup of 11 social media apps you should be using this year (if you’re a marketer). If you were watching the rise of the bots on Facebook, you may want to check out Botletter (technically not an app!) that allows you to send newsletters via Messenger.

Other stand-outs include Signal (a private and secure messaging app) and Planoly (a visual planner for Instagram).

What do you think? Do you see any big social media or online trends on the horizon? Feel free to share them in the comments below.

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