Bring on 2018!

Let’s look back at 2017 and check out exciting things to come this year…

Starting with:

These 6 platform changes that shook 2017. The biggest? Twitter doubling its character count.

Trends that shaped 2017, according to Forbes, included the explosion of chatbots, the growing popularity of hangouts, and integrated buying opportunities on platforms.

ICYMI: we now have the list of the highest paid YouTube stars of 2017! Our homegrown heroes Lily Singh (||Superwoman||) and Evan Fong (VanossGaming) makes the list at #10 and #2 respectively.

Curious about who got paid the most on Instagram? Check it out here.… Read more

Influencers on Influencing: Sage Advice Shared By Some Fantastic Canadian Personalities

In October, Spectrums launched a speakers series designed by and for online Influencers to talk about their craft, learn from others and ask the tough questions of each other, including things like “what does it mean (to be an Influencer)” and “do you let your audience dictate your content”?

We were lucky enough to get some really great speakers out to discuss their take on the landscape and had some really great perspectives.

They included:

Melissa Maker (SID 1818) “Clean My Space

Melissa Maker is a n author, entrepreneur, cleaning expert, and star of Youtube’s “Clean My Space”.… Read more

Your News Roundup: The Biggest Stories that will continue to evolve in 2018

There’s a lot going on in the world of social media right now, but here’s a quick and dirty roundup of the biggest things (we think) that should be on everyone’s radar through December and into the New Year. Starting with:

Tencent is now bigger than Facebook!

It’s also taken a big interest in Snapchat, one of Instagram’s fast followers.

Instagram has had a big year though. See it’s meteoric rise here.

Net neutrality continues to be a political football. Here’s where it stands right now (via Twitter updates).

Speaking of Twitter, trolls have shaped the platform more so in 2017 than any year on record.… Read more

Look Out Netflix: Big name content creators are coming to take a swing at original content

Netflix has had a big year in original content, even if it recently admitted to being on the hook for $20 billion. That’s why it seems everybody’s getting into the original content game these days. Big money is being invested and big money is on the line. One group sure to benefit? Those of us who enjoy the sport of binge watching engaging content.

So, just who is coming for Netflix and getting in on the original content game?


After news broke that Disney was parting ways with Netflix earlier in August (watch Moana before it’s too late!), they let it slip that it’s to build their own content streaming empire.… Read more